What Spring Fair is Like Now

Spring Fair 6There is no such thing as a typical Spring Fair, however, in recent years the fair has been characterized by a few mainstays. The kickoff party, organized by the Night time Committee, opens the fair on Thursdays with an impressive display of fireworks followed by food, music, drinks, and dancing. After a fun opening evening, the university wakes up on Friday to a completely transformed campus, (prepared all night by the staff) and the beginning of the fair. The food quad, which lines the freshman quads, offers a plethora of vendors ranging from local Baltimore fish fry, to carnival snacks such as fried Oreos and dough, to stir-fry. The kids’ quad offers games, face painting, and entertainment by costumed characters, who are usually played by the freshman staff members of Spring Fair, as well as a yearly favorite, the “monkey man.” The Gilman quad features the Arts and Crafts and Community Marketplace. Many vendors of jewelry, art, vintage records, or clothing come to set up shop for students and locals to peruse. In addition, many nonprofit organizations set up booths to raise awareness and funds for their causes.

Students' Performance at the Spring Fair

Students’ Performance at the Spring Fair

On the Beach, in the Beer Garden, and elsewhere, Baltimore bands perform throughout the weekend. The Spring Fair also features a main musical act, which has ranged from the Village People to Eminem over the years. Regardless of whether the event was held on campus or at a downtown venue, it is an exciting part of Spring Fair that draws a large crowd, composed of both University affiliates and members of the Baltimore community. Finally, surrounding the pool of the President’s Garden is the Spring Fair Beer Garden. Here, student groups fundraise by setting up booths for different alcoholic beverages for those over 21 years of age. Ranging from hard lemonade to beer to margaritas, the Beer Garden has been remained a student favorite, as it is a rare opportunity to enjoy alcohol on campus. Despite what students expect each year at fair, this is not the way fair has looked since its inception over 40 years ago.