The Jewish Students Association (continued)

Moreover, JSA was also a politically active student group with tremendous interest in issues relating to the Middle. At the height of the Israel-Lebanon conflict in 1982, the Association actively participated in the series of actions of the Baltimore Jewish Council. Under such influence of the international politics, the JSA brought in a few Israeli officials to discuss the matter with the students, in which the Hopkins students had the opportunity to explore the Israeli perspective of one of the most heated political debate of the time. The interaction with speakers such as Benjamin Abileah, who was Consul General of the State of Israel for the Middle Atlantic region, was accompanied by a series of publications of the Israel Perspective. The Israel Perspective was launched by the Hopkins Israel Action Committee, affiliated with the Jewish Students Association, as a collection of journal articles that would be issued every two weeks as part of the pro-Israel effort.


It is hardly surprising that there would be different voices in this political debate as we could see two articles on the Hopkins News-Letter. A restrained yet not necessarily friendly conversation took place between Amy Armon and Seth O. Kaye, President of the Jewish Students Association in the first two weeks of November 1982. After Amy Armon published an article about her issues with the ongoing political campaign taken by the JSA and more generally the way JSA was represented on campus, Seth Kaye responded a week later with a direct rebuke.