The Iranian Students Association

Princess Ashraf Escorted by Her Guard Leaving the Auditorium

Princess Ashraf Escorted by Her Guard Leaving the Auditorium

1970s Voices of a National Campaign, the Iranian Students Association

Five demonstrators were dragged bodily from the theater balcony by Hopkins and Iranian security forces after they shouted protests against Iranian Princess Ashraf Pahlavi, who received an honorary degree during the ceremony.”This was the description offered in The News American following the February 1976 protest at Johns Hopkins. Though only one of the five arrested protestors was a Hopkins student with no alleged affiliation with the Iranian Student Association, the ISA continued the effort with more pressure from the student body by organizing a follow-up petition:

“The University’s granting of an honorary degree to Princess Ashraf of Iran is a disgrace to the Iran(ian) people. The situation is too important to ignore. We urge members of the Hopkins’ community to protest against the Johns Hopkins… ”

Three major points:

  1. “We condemn the awarding of an honorary Doctor of Laws to Princess Ashraf of Iran…”
  2. “We demand the University provide a public accounting and apology to the Hopkins community and to the Iranian people.”
  3.  “We demand the University drop the charges against those protestors arrested at the Lyric.

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