The Legacy of Greek Life

One outstanding aspect of the students involved in Greek life is their contributions to the Hopkins community as a whole. They are athletes, they are singers, they are dancers, songwriters, future CEOs. They are hard workers, campus leaders, fun-lovers, bookworms, and social butterflies, all contributing to the long-lasting legacy of excellence on campus. Most students, when looking back on their Hopkins experience do not remember the stuffy 9am lectures in Remsen or the late nights in the library. They remember the people who made their undergraduate experience extraordinary. They remember the brothers and sisters who they sang with, drank with, and created wonderful memories with.

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Next time you see someone sporting letters around campus, stop them and ask about how their organization has affected their undergraduate experience. What you will get in return is a passionate recollection of memories, philanthropic efforts, and friendships that have all come together to shape this individual’s time here at Hopkins. When they graduate from Hopkins they will carry with them not only a degree from one of the top institutions in the nation, but also brotherhood and sisterhood that they will hold with them forever.