In the Community


Letter from Parent to Chester Wickwire

Letter from Parent to Chester Wickwire

Today’s slogan for community service, “In the Community, with the Community,” is a concept that originated with the earliest community service at Johns Hopkins.

In the Community…

Tutors originally tutored in the homes of the children, rather than on the Hopkins campus as they do today. In 1968, race riots broke out after Martin Luther King Junior’s assassination. Because of safety concerns, tutors stopped going to tutees’ homes and instead brought their tutees to Levering Hall. Furthermore, there were additional concerns when students were robbed during their commute to the tutees’ homes. In a letter, tutee parent Walter R. Black expresses his condolences and gratitude for the program, offering to drive tutors to his house. This letter is a testament to the deepening relationship between Hopkins and members of the surrounding community and shows how the mission of the Tutorial Project withstood civil-rights conflicts.